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Crossing with Cloey

 Offering Sensitive Companion Care, End of life Education, Vigil, and Spiritual support

A companion for the last Journey


End-of-Life Doula brings non-medical comfort and support to those who are dying and their families. Whether it is a steady presence throughout your Journey, sharing options she has found for you to explore, or setting up the care space in a comforting and sacred manner.  While you rest, your Doula will care for your pets and Beloved bridging the gaps around your health care team. 

We provide Caregiver Respite, Companion Care, Vigil, and

Spiritual End-of-Life Services for the Clients in the Olympia area.


Contact Cloey today!

The complimentary Doula Call is the first step in inquiring about our services. This appointment  is available as either an in person or as a virtual meeting. In this session you will share your story and needs while we answer your questions and share information about which services are right for you.

  Call, email, or use the button below to book a complimentary Doula Call.

We strive to develop a package of services that is as custom as you and your needs. During this session we will discuss all fees and payment arrangements that apply for your unique package of services.

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