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My Mission

Better support & options

My ultimate goal is to heal our relationship with the natural cycles of life & death. Also to emotionally support and share better options and approaches for caring for the beloved, our families, and community during the ultimate crossing we will all experience.

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All About Cloey

My Journey

   I feel all the milestones of life have purpose and beauty. Even those stages that many fear and avoid thinking about, like death. For every crossing is a opportunity to love each other, connect, and learn for those left behind.  Death can be a sad time, but it does not need to be scary or traumatic. It is possible to be sad and celebrate the life of the beloved.

 As an ordained clergy member of the Church of the Sacred Circle I enjoy creating ritual, sacred space, connecting with the spiritual flow, guiding others as well to be present in the moment, plus so much more. Seeing and feeling a need during COVID I became certified as an End-of-Life or CareDoula by Quality of Life Care, LLC. Plus I love the feeling of being prepared.

As a Sensitive Oracle Reader & Aura Weaver helping seekers work through emotional situations and issues for around 20 years. Many have come during times of stress, transitions, and loss seeking insights to help them find peace or understanding of their experiences. Though I do want to continue offering readings and spiritual life coaching I felt I wanted to do more. I hope to have the Honor of being present and a support for you and your family through this important stage of your Journey. 


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