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Doula Services

At Crossing with Cloey,

 We create a safe space for the beloved and their family through emotional, educational, practical, and spiritual support.  This doula is available in person, by phone, and online through all transition milestones, from notice of serious illness to death and after death. Providing practical, personalized support by protecting and honoring a dying person’s experiences and wishes/choices while helping the family cope and walk the road ahead.


Complamentary Doula Meet/Call

Meet and share your story, and discuss your want and needs. You can ask questions as you consider if you would like to work with a Doula. We will go through the list of services. Then work together to decide how we can best support you and your family. You think about it,  Contact Cloey if you want to start support. Services can be a mix of in-person or virtual as needed.

Blue Flowers

Five Wishes Planning

In-depth wishes (Advance Directives) and End-of-Life choices. Work together to develop notes and go over your personalized plans. The doula will go through the topics you will need to make decisions on. From whom do you want to have the power of attorney, life-saving measures or no, to care at home vs other options. There are lots to work through, if you have not done so already. (2, 90-minute visits)

Holding Hands

Doula Core support

In-person/ virtual support for you & family through the End-of-Life Journey. Can Include: Engaging in difficult conversations, non-judgmental witnessing emotional unraveling or “Baring Witness” for self & family individually. Creating “flow” (a loving and nurturing space) in the care area, offering emotional support, comfort care non-medical. 

Facilitate conversations with family about topics or decisions that you all may be having a difficult time talking about together. *Can include Companion Care like: "Attending appointments, light house cleaning,  Pet care for your small fur babies (I really enjoy caring for your fur babies). These are just some of the areas Cloey is happy to assist with for you and your family.

White Butterfly

Spiritual Support services

Cloey offers a variety of Spiritual practices and tools  which we can include in your loved ones visits by your request. From space clearing, to ritual, or creating a feeling of warm sacred space to visit and be together.
You all will receive Mindful Care by engaging in comforting holistic modalities: Presence, relaxation, Aura Weaving, meditation, breathwork, Games, movement, Oracle Exploration, Grounding and calming practices.

Candle in Hands

End of Life Care Plan and Vigil support

Vigil wishes/ planning of your wants and needs for others to follow if possible. To support your caregivers and family with guidelines to follow to honor your choices for the stage you are going through during your crossing.  A doula will assist with areas you request, for instance sitting by the bedside, Bearing Witness and supporting the family through the Stages and signs of your crossing, and their emotional journey of Bearing Witness as well. Education before or during the dying journey. Facilitating volunteers to care for your family. Sharing information on the stages and signs as one moves closer to passing. 

Assisting the Elder

Custom Packages- ($30 for elder visits) $50

Cloey offers customized packages based at an hourly rate. We understand that every individual and family has a unique situation. That’s why We tailor our services with any combination of the above-mentioned services with an agreed-upon price before we begin. Packages can be given as a gift.

Cloey provides impromptu end-of-life doula support. Such as sudden illness or injury, also can receive comfort and vigil support. Elder Companion visits/ check ins for when adult children live out of the parents area. These can be covered at the hourly rate for the time of service met.

Let’s Work Together


All decisions are the clients. The Doula do not make them for you and your family. I, the Doula, will share information and options, assist in working through emotions and additional service as I am able and trained for.

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